Deutor® CECC: Cyber Emergency and Coordination Center


Your one-stop cyber security solution for small and medium-sized businesses
Cyber Emergency and Coordination Center


The current environment is scattered and de-centralized with too many interfaces and players. This makes it difficult for companies to know where to get help when a cyber attack happens. This leads to a powerlessness and inaction, as companies are overwhelmed by this complex environment.

There are only a few coordinated approaches available to handle and assist before, during and after a cyber attack.

What DEUTOR CECC offers?

DEUTOR CECC is a comprehensive one-stop solution before, during and after a cyber attack. The services of DEUTOR CECC are centralized, automated and insured.

  • Before: DEUTOR CECC assists you in implementing preventive measures that make you cyber resilient and not liable to blackmail.
  • During: DEUTOR CECC offers active help with incident handling (technical) and crisis and communication management (organizational). The costs are covered by the cyber insurance included in the contract.
  • After: DEUTOR CECC coordinates the restoration of your systems during the entire process, with all service providers and authorities needed.
Cyber Emergency and Coordination Center

Description of services

The full service package

Customer-specific risk profile and cyber insurance

The first step in the entire DEUTOR CECC process is to conduct a customer-specific situation analysis that contains technical and non-technical information about the company. Based on this information a customer-specific risk profile is created, which is the basis for the individual cyber insurance. All data and information that is collected is confidential and subject to GDPR.

Information and warning service

DEUTOR CECC provides an information and warning service. This contains information on the current global, as well as customer-specific threats and risks. Based on this information measures are specified to reduce the risk of a cyber attack on the company.

Incident and crisis management

In the event of an incident, DEUTOR CECC takes over the entire incident handling process and crisis management. DEUTOR CECC provides the technical and organizational knowledge and expertise through its partner management, coordinates all the interfaces to authorities and law enforcement, coordinates crisis communication and ensures that the company remains compliant (data protection). The integrated cyber insurance bears the costs up to the amount of the agreed insurance sums or the agreed sub-limits.

Restoring business as usual

DEUTOR CECC supports the restoration of business as usual through the implementation of appropriate measures. The integrated cyber insurance bears the costs up to the amount of the agreed insurance sums or the agreed sub-limits.

Internal and external crisis communication

DEUTOR CECC coordinates or manages the company’s internal and external crisis communication in order to minimize possible reputational damage through the publication of company or customer information or “fake news”.