History & Mission

Deutor is Latin and means to “ill treat someone”. This is precisely the goal of states and cyber criminals in the age of increased digitalization. The founders of Deutor, Dr. Stefanie Frey and Michael Bartsch have many years of experience in the field of cyber security for authorities, global corporations and SMEs. Dr. Frey implemented the cyber strategy for Switzerland and Mr. Bartsch developed and implemented IT projects for large system houses in the public sector. The goal and mission of the founders was to make this know-how and experience available to companies, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the backbone of the European economy and need to have the necessary access to required resources and specialists to increase their cyber security.

Deutor consists of an inter-disciplinary core team and an extensive global cyber security partner network in the areas information technology and organization, who support our customers in becoming cyber secure and optimize their cyber resilience. We are dedicated to pursue a comprehensive approach with technical and non-technical solutions (Cyber ​​Oriented Architecture) and harbour a close cooperation with law enforcement and security authorities. Our motto “cyber security is not just IT security” emphasises the fact that, in order to increase cyber resilience it is imperative to look at the entire cycle of a cyber attack from prevention to response to stabilization. Only this way is it possible to define and implement tailor-made security solutions.

In order to realize our mission, Deutor specializes in providing information about current cyber threats and conducts in cooperations with out customers an in depth analysis of the technical and organizational cyber vulnerabilities and cyber risks, in order to define and implement suitable measures. Another central service we offer at Deutor is the analysis of the perpetrator’s motivation and modus operandi to ascertain why your company was trageted.

Deutor advises states, authorities, critical infrastructur providers and companies, from upper medium-size to global corporations, on all cybersecurity issues.