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Cyber Security Consulting

Nowadays, the security of IT systems is one of the essential criteria of modern business architectures alongside functionality, mobility and usability. The high level of complexity, established structures and lack of resources lead to the central question: “How much security does an organization need?” In order to meet the requirements of IT security as well as to limit the risk of cyber attacks and data protection violations.

Measures to increase
cyber resilience

Deutor offers a comprehensive package of measures to increase cyber resilience in companies. External and internal factors are taken into account and suitable technical and organizational measures defined and implemented. External factors include current and future cyber threats and geo-strategic analysis. Internal factors include the analysis of technical and organizational cyber vulnerabilities and cyber risks against the respective cyber threats.

Security Reviews

Security Reviews

Our security reviews check to what extent your organization is prepared for cyber attacks and make recommendations to increase resilience to cyber attacks. For this purpose, an inventory of the technical and organizational measures implemented in the company is carried out and recommendations made to improve cyber security.

Cyber Strategie Entwicklung

Cyber Strategy Development

The development of a cyber strategy is the first step towards a secure and predictable future. Deutor offers the development and implementation of a cyber strategy that is tailored to the company’s infrastructures and needs. The more interconnected and digitized a company and its customers are, the more important it is to develop a comprehensive risk based cyber strategy.

White Spot Analyse

White Spot Analysis

The white spot analysis focuses on the company’s existing portfolio with regard to third markets. To this end, it is checked whether the existing solutions are sufficient for the customer in the course of digitization and increasing cyber attacks and which products and services need to be developed.

Portfolio Optimierung

Portfolio Optimization

Every company, especially IT providers, are faced with the question which portfolios and services should be offered to increase cybersecurity and remain competitive. Due to our experience in the field of digitization, modern IT architectures and technologies, we can assist in adapting your cybersecurity portfolio to fit the new environment.