Cyber Risks in times of COVID-19 at the NEXT NOW Conference


Berlin, Siegburg 21 January 2021 – Michael Bartsch spoke on “Cyber Risks in Times of COVID-19” at the NEXT NOW conference “Future Work, Focus on Home Office”

Fujitsz NEXT

On 21 January 2021, Michael Bartsch spoke about “Cyber risks in times of COVID-19” at the NEXT NOW conference “Future Work, Focus HomeOffice” at Fujitsu NEXT e.V.. Since very many occupational groups and companies have switched to home office work in a relatively short time, threat analyses have not been carried out in all cases or suitable countermeasures for prevention have been implemented. Often, security policies were not adapted or existing policies were mistakenly declared to be sufficient. Based on a real cyber incident analyses from the year 2020, Michael was able to show the devastating consequences resulting in massive internal server encryptions in 140 countries in a matter of hours, caused by a single attack on a remote workstations in the middle of 2020. The importance of prevention in the area of remote workplaces, especially under COVID-19 conditions, was impressively described. In addition, it was illustrated which plan of action can lead to the rescue of a company in the event of a successful attack and which measures can prevent these disasters in the first place.